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Many years back, when I first became a poker dealer, I searched the Internet for good information on how to become a better dealer, and get more information about the business side of poker.  There was just one problem... 
There was no real good information out there - Until now!!
My hope is that this site will provide all of the information I searched for back then, all easily available to you now, in one simple website. Resources

               Please be sure to check out the many features
                         PokerDealingOnline has to offer. 
  • Refresh your skills with Training courses - providing tips and techniques for poker dealers.
  • Search up-to-date listings of poker room Jobs in your area.
  • Keep current on the latest Gaming News across the country.
  • Discuss anything and everything about poker in the dealer Forums.

About the Site

This site will be a playbook, and hopefully, a gold standard of how a professional dealer will act, think, and perform at the tables.  This site will also act as a matchmaking site for poker dealers and potential employers who are also looking for professional and friendly dealers.  

We will also offer insight on the Management side of the business - giving you an idea of what a supervisor is thinking in certain situations, such as making floor calls, instilling fairness and integrity in the room, and offering world class guest service. - Resources I looked for online, when I first became a poker room supervisor.